As Producer, DJ or Live Performer, Andy Moon is a sound and groove Shaman, prudent visionary and creative cross-thinker with the ability „to think in sounds“,  and create something new, something exciting something extraordinary.

Loveparade Trucks in Berlin, his sets in re-known Clubs around the world and on Ibiza like Space, Tantra, Delano, Oceanbeat,  Punta Arabi or Bora Bora and Events like Rock im Park, Nature One, Ruhr in Love, Mayday Portugal, the U60311 or Boiler Room adorn his vita.

His tracks, released on different labels  like Traum Schallplatten, Natura Viva, Art Unnamed, Axis Red, More Music or Songwriting for EMI Music Publishing, Sony Music / ATV  Publishing and Gamesound Design varying between Ambient, Lounge to Melodic Techno, Deep House, Tech House, Deep Tech, Minimal or Techno.

This is part of his artistic work as a producer since 1993 and he still  works with an arsenal of analogue sound production Equipment and Semi-Modular systems.His degree as Bachelor of Arts (hons.) in Audio Production and as Audio Engineer also influence his work.

All the music, his DJ Sets and of course  his prefered Live Performances are made with  his addiction to electronic music, full with his feelings, his love  and his passion. He calls his sound himself „Melodic Deep Tech House“, what is more a combination of some Genres combined with his passion for jazz, world music and ethnical sounds as well as cinematic score.

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