Biography – English

Andy Moon is a native of Nuremberg, Germany but now residing in Munich, Germany. Andy Moon is not just a DJ, producer and sound designer signed to EMI Music Publishing or other labels. The best way to described him as a performer, a shaman, a visionary, a creative thinkers, which is able „to think in sounds“ and create something new from scratch based on individual sound parts, create something exciting. And not just in the studio, but also in his sets as a Performing Artist.

Andy comes with an arsenal of own sounds, loops and grooves in each of his sets a real world of sound and also makes use of specially in his studio edited versions of other electronic artists and DJs. The best way to describe his style with a Cross-mix of House, Tech House, Deep House and influences from ethnic music genres as well as classical, jazz, Latin American rhythms and his own imagination, all packaged together in a mix, or a song.

Especially important for Andy Moon’s Sound are cheerful or deeper harmonies and groove but also particularly deep driving bass and groovy rhythms, deep melancholy sounds and all that is not played to fast at around 122-128 BpM. His sets, which usually go hand in hand with excessive length, make a journey into a world of sound, as one doesn’t hear often from other DJ’s of its genre. One thing is important for his sets – he does not jump on the train on, he overhaules the train on the parallel track. Each of his set is unique to each other and depending on the mood and place his Sets are suited to dark clubs, sunny daylight shows, large events or mediterranean beach sound.

This is also reflected in all his current releases of recent times. In the studio, Andy Moon comes up with a weapons arsenal of analogue and digital sound production, and state of the art equipment. He graduated with an Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Audio Production from the London Middlesex University and its emphasis is on sound design. In addition, Andy Moon has passed a Diplom as Audio Engineer and has learned various instruments over the years.

Andy started his musical career in 1992 and he played guitar in a heavy metal band and quickly he realized that it is rather boring play music with only a certain number to typical band instruments. Very fast he started to love electronic Music and become a DJ. Later Andy Moon was signed at the internationally renowned label Frankfurt Beat and from there he began the first part of his career. Andy toured as a DJ by half the world, and thus began his many years lasting musical orientation trip, which itself is not yet finished today. On his way he stopped at different labels such as Axis Red, VI-AI-PI, the Undercover Music Group, EMI Music Publishing and a few others. Ultimately, he has decided to publish his highly individual music on his own label Art Unnamed. However, it is not impossible Andy also offers music at currently trendy labels.

Being different from the others is his motto. Deviate from the norm, to create something of their own to commit Stylistic incongruity. All this draws Andy Moon from as an artist and producer. And because he don’t want to fix his creativity into one or a few different styles until this day, he also produces rather unconventional very minimal remixes under his alias „Minimal Teardrop“ or as Head of the Lounge and trance project „Cockpitcrew“ signed with EMI Music Publishing. And because Andy understands himself as a producer, he also produces commercial music of other genres in collaboration with EMI Music Publishing. Stylistic incongruity precisely but nevertheless keeping his true style !

Although he has not yet attained the usual world-Star career, but that he does not have to, because he is no longer an unknown. So he has already voted by DJ Magazine and achieved rank 512 of the best DJ’s in the world, he has played in renowned clubs and events all around the world. Also since 2011 he plays regular shows in Ibiza such as the Bora Bora, Punta Arabi, Tantra, Delano or Ocean Beat with the Global Radio Ibiza Showcase and also he can look back at references such as Nature One, Ruhr in Love, Street Parade or even the Berlin Loveparade with his own parade trucks or playing the at he major night events. In addition, include countless shows in clubs or events all over the world at his references, and on his list of renowned DJ’s with which he could already play, to find the big names and Stars of the current and past time.